img_4864Intro Razzi🌹Roses01

Hello, I’m Adejumo Abdul-Razaq Oluwaseun by name; you can call me RazziRoses01 or Razzi for short. I’m an indigene of Ogun State, Abeokuta North to be precise (I’ve not been there before tho). I’m Muslim from a beautiful family of 6 (Mum, Dad, Aisha, Bro Yinka, Bro Sadiq) yh + me. To be honest I love food (Jollof rice), color blue, outing, clothes, video games, and I love fashion. I’m also into graphics designing, trust me I’m good. Yh enough of that

I intend to use my blog to express my views, air my opinions, promote, and educate my readers on the pros and cons, how to rock your kicks, spotting fakes from originals, where to get your preferred kicks, kicks to add to your wardrobe and of course to make money, asides many more to expect.

Honestly, I’m a young Nigerian boy trying to be successful in this recession and corruption stricken country, and with God everything is possible.

I hope and pray that you all like my content, subscribe, hype my blog, and see me soar higher than higher (that’s how the story should go) 🙏🏻don’t sleep on this one. Peace✌🏾️.

Yours Faithfully,