The Almighty Nike Benassi Swoosh Slides 02 (Purchase Only Originals)

As the demand for not only Nike slides but, all sneakers in general are on the increase, the battle against counterfeit products is also on a very massive rise all over the world (especially China), whether you’re buying from a store or the internet, which makes it a little bit difficult to differentiate from the fake ones and the original ones.
Not to worry, Razzi’s got you covered as I will be dishing out some key and easy ways to differentiate an original Nike Slide from a fake one, so you can be assured of 100% value for your hard earned money.

1 – Price Tag

First, if you must order Nikes online, it’s best to purchase them from Nikes website or authorized Nike retailers.

One of the very obvious signs that you are about to purchase a fake Nike slides is if it has a very low price tag. An original Nike Benassi Swoosh is in between 20-25USD. If the price of the slides is way too low compared the price on the company’s website or from a legit retailer, to the honest bro don’t buy it because it’s FAKE, and at the end of the day you won’t get value for your money because they will end up falling apart within few days of use.

2 – Physical Appearance

People that are familiar with original sneakers will easily spot a fake Nike from the original one. Mere looking at an original Nike slide, I can see straight stitching, smooth leather upper with swoosh, textured foot bed, inner cushion, phylon in mid and outsole, and herringbone pattern for traction at the bottom, which are features of an original Nike Benassi swoosh.

A fake Nike will always look lighter, with worn out threads and uneven printing, and might not come in bag instead of a properly labeled box indicating size, brand name, cost, and SKU number (‘Stock Keeping Unit Number’ used to identify each product) which must be identical to the SKU number on the Nike slide itself.

The best online shops to get your Nike slides/shoes are;

1. Nikes Official website

2. Footlocker

3. Amazon

4. Nordstrom

5 . Zappos

Thanks for reading 🙏🏻.

Yours faithfully, 




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