The Almighty Nike Benassi Swoosh Slides 03 (How To Style)

The trendy, rugged and casual style of the Nike Benassi Swoosh slides makes it very easy to be paired with almost any cloth in your wardrobe for you, fashionistas or celebrities to preferably casual event or any outing.
Benassi slides almost perfectly fits with whatever cloth you’re putting on, whether male or female.

For instance, a guy can wear a shirt or T-shirt + a pair of jeans or trousers crowned with his Nike slides, but you mustn’t tuck in your shirt (that’s a big turn off)👎🏾.
Wearing socks with slides is a very popular trend among basketball players and celebrities sometimes, so if you’re not Lebron James please don’t wear a socks with your slides honestly, it’s not all that nice except you’re indoors or yh, except you’re Michael Jordan or Wizkid.

Ladies have more freedom rocking their slides, because they can literally wear it with everything from gowns, leggings, skirt, bum short, + sweatshirts, blouse, shirt, t-shirt, just mention it in fact, it gives them some kind of sexy appearance that makes you fall in love at first sight 😍.

 Lastly, always take care of your slides or shoes, clean it daily, don’t turn Gold to bronze, you know what I’m saying, so you can have 100% value for your money.

Yours faithfully,



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